Friday, September 24, 2004

I lost my thumb drive...

It was actually a good day today, until I confirmed that I lost my thumb drive. Sighz. All my assignments are inside, some of which I haven't back up. I'm feeling so sore now.

I was pretty excited about today. Handed in part of my assignment, with all the requirements. Was pretty good until I discovered that my thumb drive was not in my pencil case. It usually stays in my pencil case. I thought I forgot to bring it to uni. Until I came home, after shopping with Raymond and Tricia at the Asian Grocery near Campus Walk 2 and Carnegie. My thumb drive is no where to be found at all. I panicked like a mad woman, turned my bag upside down. Sighz, it was GONE!!! :'(

I'm suppose to be preparing dinner. Am already boiling the stock for the chicken rice. Hopefully it is nice. Sighz, but I have no heart to cook already. But for someone's sake, I will try my best. Sighz.. Have to go and buy a new thumb drive tomorrow. Will be going to the city too. To buy Merry's, Phelicia's, maybe Boonie's and Chin Fee's birthday present. Shit... I'm so broke too. :(


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